NORM/TENORM Monitoring

Low Specific Activity (LSA) / TENORM and Radiation Monitoring Services

This service emphasizes on the monitoring activities. This service conducted in order to quantify enhanced radiation levels and to identify specific radionuclides in scale and sludge. Examining prevailing radiation levels also part of the activities and will be apply on the external and internal radiation levels, radon/throne progeny levels, airborne radionuclides in air samples, surface contamination levels and radioactivity analysis of sludge/scale samples at offshore installations.

Radiological and Environmental Management (REM)

Processing of radioactive or contaminated materials which are classified as TENORM could give impact to the environment and human. This activity will analyze the environmental samples such as water, air, sediment, fauna, flora and soil to identify and monitors the release of radionuclides into the environment. The determination of radon and thoron progeny levels as well as external radiation levels.

Radiation Decontamination Services

Besides providing the detection services, decontamination services for the facilities and areas which have been contaminated with radioactive materials also part of the services that our company could offers. The Atomic Energy Licensing will be called to closely monitor the activity of removal of the contaminants. The service includes transportation and disposal of contaminated items.