Graduated from UKM for B.Sc in Radiobiology ( National University Malaysia , UKM ) , 1981 and acquired M.Sc in Radiation and Environmental Protection ( University of Surrey , U.K.) 1983 also International Diploma in Health and Safety Management , British Safety Council , London, 1995. Started his profession 1983, in Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology (MINT) now knows as Nuclear Malaysia and last position is Senior Research Offier cum Safety Manager and Radiation Protection Officer, RPO. Had a working experienced for 23 years ( from Nov 1983 till 31st Dec 2006 ).
With thorough experience in environmental monitoring in offshore and onshore , planning evaluate and report all activities related of safe use of radioactive materials to MINT’s management and authority, Radiation and Radioactivity mapping throughout the country , Research and Development Project, consultancy services for industry ( gauging, TENORM, NDT ), lecturer and the ex-examiner for Radiation Protection Officer Course.
Graduated from UKM for B.Sc. (Chemistry, 1976, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia); Postgraduate Diploma of Advanced Studies in Chemistry (1977, Kelsterton College of Technology, North East Wales, United Kingdom) , M.Sc (Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry, 1978, University of Salford, United Kingdom) and Ph.D (Radiochemistry, 1982, University of Salford, United Kingdom).
Started his profession in Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology (MINT) on 1979 and served for 32 years. Had a working expertise is on Environmental Radiochemistry, Marine Radioactivity, Marine Contamination and Sediment Transport, Radioactivity Measurements by Nuclear Analytical Spectroscopy, Radiation Protection and QA/QC on Nuclear Analytical Techniques.