Safety, Security & Technology

RadExpert Services Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on February 2015 with the purpose to provide quality and value-added services to the various industries specialize in radiation and nuclear safety. But as per 5 years we are growth into the energy and technology services.

Involvement in Radiation and Nuclear technology services based is the core activity of the company. We offer services to serve the needs and requirements for all industries involved.

In conjunction with the efforts to expand its operation, participation from the expert advisor would benefit the company to give a best in our work. With the involving of this person, we believe that we could offer and serve a better quality of services as Real Safety Partner.

RadExpert commitment is to serve the needs and requirements of our clients. With that we will ensure our efforts to provide quality services and to achieve client a great satisfaction.

Radiation Protection

AELB License Application
(All Class)

NORM / TENORM Monitoring

Transport / Escort of Radioactive Material

Disposal of Radioactive Material & X-ray

Leaking Test for Radioactive Material

Supply Radiation Survey Meter,
Rental & Repair